Does A Notary Need A Website?

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Congratulations, you want to start your own Notary Business!

Whether you’re starting a career as a traditional notary public or the more popular mobile notary, there’s a few things you’ll need. To do your job, you’ll need your tools of the trade including your stamp, journal and E&O insurance at a minimum. To get found, a professional website is crucial.

A Notary Public Website Can Be Your Greatest Marketing Asset


How do people find a notary? They Google it. If you don’t have a website, you’re not going to show up. A website will allow more people to find you that need your services. It also helps build your business and makes you money. 

If you’re serious about creating a successful notary business, your marketing plan must include a professional website. 

Luckily, a well written, responsive and professional website from ZenPro Sites is affordable and ready in a week. An easy to navigate website that looks great, doesn’t have to be expensive.

Now let’s get into some key benefits of having a mobile notary website?


  1. Be found 24/7
  2. Advertise Promotions
  3. Build Your Email List
  4. Increases Credibility


Being Found 24/7 By Prospects Needing You


Searches  for a “Notary Near Me” are endless. During the middle of Covid when I was selling my home from out of state, I needed a notary ASAP. I Googled and and called the top 3.  Most people end up hiring the first person they call or message so it’s important that you show up on the search. Having a modern and responsive website could make all the difference and is a small investment when working with ZenPro Sites for your mobile notary website.


Inexpensive Advertising


A website allows you to post your specials right on your website saving you thousands of dollars in advertising costs. These specials can be changed often or leave your best one posted indefinitely. You can post your website URL on your social media accounts to encourage prospects to get to know you. If you want to advertise on Google or Yelp, you’ll need a professional website to link in your ads.

Building Your Email List


Offering a freebie on your website (in exchange for their email address) is one of the best methods to build your business. An email list is one of the most profitable assets a business can have and even beats social media in boosting sales. Leads can be nurtured into paying customers over time. You get to show up in their inbox as frequently as you’d like, with valuable information until they are ready to be a client. Email marketing has a proven high ROI (4X higher than other marketing channels) and can be started with a sign up on your website. 


Credibility & Professionalism


84% believe a business with a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page. Having a great website helps to validate that you have a credible and professional business.  A professional website will help you be seen as an authority in your market.

Free Demo Website


We are so confident that you’ll love your new website that we’ll create a free demo website for you. No obligation at all! If you want to move forward, we’ll chat on the phone to go over some logistics. Your final site will be up within a week. No crazy pressure or sales tactics, we promise.

Get in touch today to get your free demo!  Or call 978-219-4488 or visit us at Zenpro Sites.

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